Surfing Spots Oahu- Best Spots To Enjoy Surfing At Oahu

Surfing Spots Oahu

Oahu is the third-largest Hawaiian Islands, primarily known for its surfing spots that act as a tourist magnet. Surfing enthusiasts flock the island country for the best surfing beaches throughout the winter months. The big waves generated by the North Pacific storms from November to March make it suitable for surfing in the northern and western shores. In the summer months, the South Pacific storms make it more ideal for surfing on the southern and eastern coasts. Such favorable conditions and abundance of surfing beaches make Oahu the most-preferred destination for surfing lovers. Here are some of the best surfing spots Oahu to try if you love the sport.

Sunset Beach Is One Of The Best Surfing Spots Oahu

A man riding a wave on a surfboard in the ocean

Oahu’s North Shore is famous for surfing spots like Sunset Beach. It is one of the best areas for winter surfing and is quite exciting and challenging too. The Triple Crown of Surfing Championships is held here every winter. Even if you are not keen to try the sport yourself, select a spot on the sand and watch the surfers making the best of the day before a spectacular sunset. This is the surfing Mecca in Oahu, according to surfing lovers.

Banzai Pipeline

A row boat on a rack

The Banzai Pipeline is situated off Ehukai Beach on the northern shore. It is one of the best as well as the most dangerous sites for surfing in the world. The waves are enormous, measuring about 9feet in height on an average. The giant waves have even touched a record of 20 feet. Banzai Pipeline is not the place for beginners and only experienced surfers who would like to take up the challenge, visit the site. The sharp reefs make it deadly to surf here, and it is only possible to venture out depending on the weather.

Makaha Beach Park

The western shores of Oahu are clean and quieter than the others. Makaha Beach is known for a large rock called LahiLahi, which offers clean surfing breaks and a favorable spot for longboard surfing. Winter brings the biggest waves to these parts, making it highly challenging and impressive too.

Sandy Beach – One Of The Deadliest Surfing Spots Oahu

Sandy Beach in Oahu’s southern shore is one of the most popular spots for surfing in Hawaii. Located near the Koko Crater, the surfing spot is very close to the beautiful shores. The tranquil oceans and the pristine beaches make it a spectacular scenery. But the smooth and calm landscape does not make surfing so easy in these waters. Experienced surfers find it challenging to navigate through the fierce waves, but a sharp drop in the ocean floor and the powerful currents are not suitable for beginners.

Makapu’u Beach

Known as the fast and furious surfing spot, the Makapu’u Beach is just below the Makapu’u Point. It is famous for bodyboarding and bodysurfing, but only for experienced surfers. You need to be familiar with the dangerous waters here, and novices must stay away. The shore break here is dangerous, being close to the Sandy Beach.

 Waimea Bay – Most Popular Surfing Spots Oahu

Just south of the Sunset Beach is the Waimea Bay, one of Oahu’s most famous surfing spots. The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational surfing event is organized here every winter. It’s the world’s greatest surfing event and makes Waimea Bay crowded with surfing enthusiasts in winter. The event takes place when the waves reach a height of 20 feet. The beach is only sealed off when the waters get too turbulent.

Yokohama Bay

Yokohama Bay is an isolated beach and quite popular among the local surfers. The surfing breaks here are clean and smooth in winter due to the north-western storms. Summers are calmer here and populated by dolphin pods.

Oahu should be your dream destination if surfing is your passion. Try the best surfing beaches in the world here if nothing gives you more pleasure than adrenaline rushing through your veins while surfing. A visit to these world-famous surfing spots is a life-changing experience every surfer should encounter.


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