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Surfing Vacation in Northern California

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One of the most popular activities in San Francisco, California is surfing. The water is filled with energy and life, making it one of the most soothing and enjoyable sports or activities. Most of the surfers in San Francisco have come to enjoy the warm Pacific Ocean climate and its beautiful beaches. There are a number of surfing spots in the city that can be enjoyed by both beginners and veterans. Some of the most popular surfing spots in San Francisco include Point Stanna, located on the southern portion of the bay, is popular with many surfers as the waves reach up to thirty feet in height, and offer numerous options for surf lessons and competitions.

An Overview

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The third largest surfing spot in San Francisco is Point Stanna Park. It is located on the harbor with a huge amount of waves that are between seven and ten feet tall. This offers a good surf vacation if you want to surf along the water, or if you would like to get a closer look at the seals and penguins. However, the waves tend to be much smaller here, reaching just fifteen feet high. The water temperature during the winter can reach as low as six degrees Fahrenheit, although the weather is often warm enough to enjoy a great surfing vacation. There are also a number of guided tours available through the local tour desk at the park.

Another popular surfing spot in San Francisco is Ocean Beach, which is only about three miles from the Financial District. If you are looking for a relaxing, peaceful vacation, this might be just what you’re looking for. It is not well known, but ocean beach is actually the oldest surf destination in the United States. The waves here are only six to eight feet tall, but it is still a great surf vacation. In fact, many adventurous tourists come here for the giant waves and exciting competitions, which take place every Saturday.

Surfing Vacations

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Another popular surfing spot is Point Loma, which is in southern California. This is a popular destination for anyone who wants a quiet surf vacation with some excitement, and many surfers venture out to explore the many wrecks off the California coast. Of all the surfing beaches in San Francisco, Point Loma is probably the most famous, with a number of surf shops, restaurants, and public facilities located right on the beach. Some of the more popular surfing breaks at Point Loma include Bridalveil, Dolphin Beach, and Point Stanna.

Half Moon Bay is the third most popular surfing spot in San Francisco. Half Moon Bay is right on the Embarcadero, so you can literally come right into the harbor to enjoy your surfing vacation. Half Moon Bay is also near the Ocean Beach Park, so you can take a walking tour of the area. Many popular surf shops are located near the beaches here, and there is plenty of nightlife, shopping, and dining options, too. One popular attraction that does not really fit in with the surfing vacation vibe is the replica of a pirate ship, called the Jolly Roger.

There are even more surf and beach to be found in Northern California. The Pacific Ocean has numerous wrecks where big waves are unpredictable, and surfing enthusiasts love coming here. Two of the best surfing beaches in Northern California are Point Stanna and Windansea Beach. These popular surfing locations are right on the ocean, which makes them even more crowded. Nonetheless, they are also very popular, and a good surfing vacation is often packed with surfers. In fact, Windansea Beach has been voted the number one best surfing destination in the United States.

The North Coastal area is home to a few more excellent surfing spots. If you are looking for an easier beach to surf than Half Moon Bay, you should look at the top surfing destinations in Northern California. The most popular spots in this area include Coastal Range, which is home to three world-class beaches, including one that is only accessible by wheelchair. Other great surfing spots include Windansea Beach and Point Loma, which are close to San Diego.

In The End

The entire San Francisco Bay area has dozens of excellent surfing beaches. The best ones tend to be more remote and can only be accessed by ferries or bike paths. The best way to find them is to take a north-to-south bicycle trip along the Embarcadero. A biking adventure along the bay with a dip into the surf can be a memorable and affordable surfing vacation. You will also find Windansea Beach and Point Loma more affordable options.

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