Surfing Water Sport

Surfing water sport is and has always been, more than mere games. Not intending to undermine the term ‘sports,’ surfing sets its different category. By the term sports, we often mean something entertaining and competitive. While surfing is both, it is also much more than mere enjoyment and competition.

What Makes Surfing Water Sports More Than Mere Sport?

So, what sets surfing different from other recreational activities? Let’s find out.

Surfing Is A Lifestyle Choice                  

When we imagine the life of a surfer, we often think of someone living by the beach, probably in a shack or hut, waking up to the chatter of birds and a cool breeze blowing from the ocean, and doing nothing much through the day beside cutting through waves and being awesome! Well, those among us are bogged down by work and the pressure of the rat race we have become a part of, whether by choice or out of compulsion, might see the life of a surfer as the perfect one. But, let me assure you, it is far from reality.

Surfing Water Sport Is Not Just Another Mere Sport
Surfing Water Sport Is Not Just Another Mere Sport

Being a surfer is making a lifestyle choice. And, this does not mean that you need to stay by the ocean and stay in the water all through the day. However, being a surfer means that you will certainly be going back to the ocean as and when you get some time out of your life, or, you will make time for the activity. It is something that calls out to you and you will make your lifestyle choices to ensure that surfing finds its place in it.

Surfers Consider Surfing As Religion

You might tell me that every sportsperson considers the sports they are associated with as their own religion. Well, I won’t argue that point, but, when it comes to surfing, it is closer to being religion than any other sport. You don’t believe me? Here’s why.

Just like any religion, surfers believe in a power that is beyond them. Some will call it the power of nature, while some will say it’s the ocean, but they all worship this power in their heart. They respect it. And, why shouldn’t they? After all, we all are mere humans when compared to the overwhelming power of nature or ocean.

Just like religion, surfing has turned the lives of many. There are numerous souls who have dedicated their lives to surfing and help the poor, the addicts and many more. I daresay, unlike many religions today, surfing has hardly ever given birth to extremism or delusions.

Surfing Water Sport Is More Than About Just Money

One of the primary reasons why I consider surfing above mere recreational or sporting activities is because it represents so much more. Sports and recreation are about enjoyment, having a good time, and a lot about earning money. However, genuinely dedicated surfers often care the least about money.

When they are out in the vast ocean and watch a swelling wave coming their way, money is the last thing that is on their mind. The excitement, the sheer adrenaline rush, and the pure blissful feeling of being one with nature and creating art are higher than just sports and recreation.

If you are yet to experience true surfing, do not miss out the opportunity. Surfing can change your heart and soul. And, that’s an experience of a lifetime!

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