The Best Heat Tactics In Surfing

The Best Heat Tactics In Surfing

If you surf the big waves on your regular and every day trips to the beach, then you should start taking the best heat tactics in surfing out for you. These heat tactics are often overlooked by beginners but can be a very large benefit for your surfing.

One of the best heat tactics in surfing is working with your fins and perfect key footwork. Your key foot is your rear foot that you have behind you when you’re pulling back on your surfboard. With this move, you’re working to keep your hands in place so that the board remains inside of your body.

What Should You Know About Heat Tactics

The idea here is to keep your hand placement as close to your body as possible. Your hand placement should not move so far that it ends up under your feet or in front of your board. Using your fins to control the board as it drops into your body can help you maintain your grip and control of the board as you push off with your board.

The Best Heat Tactics In Surfing
The Best Heat Tactics In Surfing

Another thing that is very important is the control of your surfboard. Fins are useful here too. Fins should not be slanted or straight when the board is down. You should be able to move both your feet and fins with your board as you try to get it down into your body and follow it all the way through into the sand.

It is also important to focus on your heel drop. By working on this move, you are keeping your body tight and not allowing your hips to roll in your surfboard. This will give you the leverage to control the board and keep it all the way down into the sand.

How Are Heat Tactics Helpful?

The great thing about this maneuver is that your board is being forced down into your body and into the sand. Your hands need to be moving hard enough and fast enough to keep your board in place.

A third tactic that is very useful is working on your perfect stance. You want to be in a perfect stance as you are working with your fins and hand placement.

Working on your perfect stance can make all the difference in your surfing. Keeping your fins and heels down will allow you to keep the board in your body and not roll as you move down into the water.

The Best Heat Tactics In Surfing
The Best Heat Tactics In Surfing

It Helps To Keep Your Body Tight

Fourth heat tactics that are useful to remember is using your body to keep your board inside of you. The reason this is useful is that if you keep your body tight and don’t let your head roll backward, you’ll stay inside of the water where it belongs.

You should be keeping your head as low as possible and never turning your board to keep it in your body. As you are working on these techniques, you should not let your head roll to the left or right.

Last, but not least, you should make sure that you are keeping your wrists down as you make the turns in your board. While doing this, you will be keeping your board inside of you and making it easier to pull on and turn.

Bottom Line

While some people may claim that these are not the best heat tactics in surfing, they can help you stay in the water longer and control your board better. These techniques are very helpful for beginner surfers who often find themselves struggling when trying to stay in the water longer and not rolling on the sand.

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