The Best Surfing Spots in San Diego

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Surfing is one of the biggest sports in many countries. Many people love to enjoy his or her holiday on the water. And San Diego is one of the spots where people visit to have a good time in the water. So, here is the list of the best surfing spots in San Diego you can go to enjoy the waves.

Pacific Beach – One of Surfing Spots in San Diego

In San Diego, Pacific Beach is one of the best beaches to surf. If you are one of the novices and just started learning how to ride a surf boat, Pacific beach is probably the best option for you as it has soft water breaks. It allows you to prevent any grave injuries. Also, the setup on the beach is fantastic.

Ocean Beach

If you are not a local, and if you love the good old days, this beach is a must-go for you. Not only for surfing, has the atmosphere made you feel welcome. Its mellow waves help you to surf better if you are a beginner. But, if you do not enjoy the crowd, you may not like this beach, as it is San Diego’s one of the favorite surf spots.

Mission Beach – One of Surfing Spots in San Diego

Many beginners do not love the learning curve, as there is a chance to get hurt or they sometimes do not find it more fun out of it. But, this beach can give you many funny moments as it has a sand-bottom break. You will feel an experience of a lifetime if you visit this spot.

The Best Surfing Spots in San Diego
The Best Surfing Spots in San Diego

La Jolla Windansea

La Jolla Windansea is the crown jewel of San Diego. Its scenic beauty is awesome, but it is not for a beginner. If you are sure that you can survive in rough waters, you can choose this beach as the wave breaks far away from the beach. Sometimes it takes a toll and can injure you.

La Jolla Black Beach

If you are a pro and need a new challenge, this spot is definitely for you. This beach is famous for its unpredictability. But if you are not sure, you must avoid this beach. La Jolla Black Beach is also famous for other activities, but for surfing, you need to be a great surfer.

Lower Trestles – One of Surfing Spots in San Diego

In San Diego, the ‘Lowers’ is a surfer’s paradise. If you love to visit a hotspot where you will find a great amount of crowd, look no further. Lower Trestles has a good reputation for the proper atmosphere for surfing as many surfers love this beach. And if you enjoy competing in the waves, have a go.

The Best Surfing Spots in San Diego
The Best Surfing Spots in San Diego

Tourmaline Surfing Park

If you are in love with slow roller waves, this beach will get thumbs up from you. You can enjoy these waves with a bigger surfboard. You may find many surfers who surf there daily. This beautiful surfing park is good for both the beginners and the pros.

Silver Strand State Beach

San Diego has many surfing beaches which are very popular with the surfers’ choice. But some beaches are not I limelight, but a good place to visit. Silver Strand State Beach has all the facilities you can get both as a surfer and as a tourist too.

Imperial Beach Pier

With a medium crowd and with beach break waves, this beach is also good for a surfing spot. The wave quality is also medium. So, if you love medium waves, you can enjoy surfing. You can also enjoy the beach and can have a good off day to rejuvenate.


Oceanside beach is another haven for the beginners. This beach’s wave is good for a new surfing experience. It has soft landings in the water, so it cancels the chance of getting too much hurt. Other than this, you can experience a great community which adds its good reputation.

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