The Essential Components Of A Drift Surfing Gear

Drift Surfing Gear

Surfing is one of the most enjoyable and loved adventure sports for people who live near coastal areas. Even people living in the hinterlands dream of having a good surf and have those iconic photos with the waves. But it is not as easy as it looks like in the pictures and videos to ride the waves. Often at times accidents occur either due to the lack of proper knowledge or because of lack of proper gear or having poor quality gear. Before you go riding the waves on your favorite beach, you must know the proper drift surfing gear to make your experience more memorable and less of a nightmare.

Necessary Tools Of A Drift Surfing Gear

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A Surfboard

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You’ll require a surfboard for your surfing. But do you know there are different types of surfboards to choose from as per your requirement? Surfboards like the shortboards are the most used and prove to be the best for duck dives. Longboards with a high volume of foam are best to enter any of the waves making it easy to paddle; The Malibu or funboard is for beginners. There are many to choose from and enter the waves based upon your experience and preference.

Fins- Essential For Drift Surfing Gear

Another important tool is the fins, required for maintaining balance and control over the surf. Fins can also be chosen from and customized for suitability. Popular fin types include single-fin, twin-fin, and five-fin settings.

The Leash

The leash is one of the most important tools for ensuring your safety during the surf. The Leashes are tied to your foot on one end and the board on the other. They are for helping you in getting back on the board in case you fall into the water or get washed off by a wave. This is why it is important to keep it in your drift surfing gear.

The Traction Pad

Ever wondered what keeps the surfers from slipping from the smooth board. Well, the Traction Pad is the secret to it. It can be substituted with surf wax. Traction pads can last for years while surfing wax is easily washed off with frequent surfs Therefore, it is a must-have in your drift surfing gear.

The Surfing Earplugs

If you are new to the surfing sport, you must know that the sea waves can cause you to end up with a surfer’s ear problem. This is because the cold winds of the sea and can leave you with extreme pain. This is where The Surfing Earplugs become essential for your drift surfing gear. You can close your ear from the incoming winds and protect yourself from the aftermath.


So, surfing can be fun but accompanied by risks. Therefore, equip yourself well with the essential tools for the sport. Safety and fun when combined parallel gives you the most pleasurable experience.

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