The Kelly Slater- The best surfer ever

kelly slater

We all know he’s one of the best surfers in the world. But what makes him so great? There are a lot of theories out there, but here are some facts that might help us understand just how good this guy is.

1) He is smart. I don’t think anyone can argue with this fact. As soon as he stopped competing and started concentrating on the ASP, he changed the whole dynamic of competitive surfing. His influence is still being felt today as surfers have to become well-rounded athletes to succeed.

2) He makes a lot of money from sponsors and endorsements. If you saw his house in Biarritz, you’d understand how much money is in the sport and why so many surfers treat surfing like a job.

3) He’s a free surfer. Kelly doesn’t belong to any crew, so he gets to surf when and where he wants. Not only is this an advantage during comps, but it allows him to travel the world year-round so his skills don’t deteriorate.

4) He’s an innovator. This is the reason he gets so much flak from some people. Although his innovations have turned out to be really good, most people just wish they’d thought of them first! Kelly also brings new elements into his surfing every year which keeps him ahead of the pack even if he’s not winning comps.

5) He’s a great ambassador for the sport. Kelly is always trying to help out new surfers, whether it’s giving them tips or just lending an ear. He knows that if the sport grows, he’ll benefit too. And he’s always willing to put his body on the line to help his ASP pals. How many of them would risk their lives to help him?

6) He’s got a rare mix of humility and selfishness. Kelly doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight with his friends, but he’ll also put himself forward when it’s beneficial for him to do so. This is one of the reasons that he gets on so well with the other top surfers.

7) He’s a great role model for young surfers. Kelly is always preaching about safe surfing, proper training, and having a good time. He knows that if he can keep the sport fun, kids will be more likely to stick with it and become better athletes.

8) His competitive streak is unrivaled. Kelly never gives up, even when the odds are stacked against him. This tenacity has seen him win a lot of heats that he had no right to win.

9) He’s got an amazing work ethic. Kelly is one of the first guys on the beach and the last to leave. He knows that the only way to stay on top is by putting in the hard yards.

10) He’s a family man. Kelly is devoted to his wife and kids, and he always makes time for them even when he’s busy traveling. This balance between work and family is something that a lot of guys could learn from.

So there you have it – a few good reasons why Kelly Slater is the best surfer ever. If you see him, be sure to thank him for all he’s done for surfing!


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Kelly Slater is one of the most iconic surfers in history. He’s known for his incredible skills, but he’s also famous for his dedication to the sport and his amazing work ethic. Slater is a role model for young surfers all over the world, and he’ll definitely go down in history as one of the greatest surfers of all time.

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