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The Hawaii Surfing , if you are eager to climb on the surfboard to hit the big waves or you want to enjoy watching the ocean, there is no other soothing place than Hawaii for surfing and to enjoy the beauty of beaches. A Hawaii ocean also boasts some of the most challenges and the world’s best waves. However, Hawaii surfing is open for every tourist, and Oahu is one of the most surf spot surrounding the island. Well, there a lot more than Hawaii offers that is something just of all level of surfers. From professional to keikis surfers, The Hawaiian surfers can ride in the most spectacular spots at Hawaii.

The Most Famous Hawaii Surfing Beaches
The Most Famous Hawaii Surfing Beaches

Famous Hawaii Surfing Beaches

The Most Famous Hawaii Surfing Beaches
The Most Famous Hawaii Surfing Beaches

North Shore, Oahu

The banzai pipeline, Waimea Bay and sunset beach are what Oahu’s north shore attracts to the surfers, The north shore, Oahu holds the most prestigious competitions too for surfers that include the triple crown surfing also. In case, you are looking to hit the north shore, Oahu anytime in winter seasons, then defiantly you are not going to regret it! You are a professional surfer you are going to love the big waves.


Hawaii Surfing

Beach Park

Makaha Beach Park is one of the great surfing spots in Hawaii Island. The waves and the white sand beach is what makes this coast seasonally changed. The name Makaha itself share by the term of savage or fierce in Hawaiian. In winter months, this beach park shares the standard feature of bringing inshore breaks and ripping currents that can be experienced by the surfers only. During the summer, this beach is a perfect spot for surfers who like to enjoy slightly less rough waves.


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Peahi, Maui is one of the most popular beaches in Hawaii. The beach is known from its nickname, jaws! Well. Don’t be amused by the words; jaws don’t mean that the beach has sharks in it; instead, the word is distinguished because of its enormous waves. Due to the vast tides, many surfers are taken out from the airwaves via the watercraft. Even though, if you have experience and you know how to roll out in big waves, peahi, Maui is defiantly the right spot for you! The beginners can also serve on the shores of the west and south Maui.

Hookipa Beach Park, Maui

The hookipa beach is a stretch of white sand which situated on the northern coast of Maui beach. The hookipa beach park is one of the best Hawaii surfing spots for surfers who like to roll in windsurfing during any season. The beach also offers many prestigious surfing competitions such as the Aloha classic. In case, you are not a professional surfer; you must be better off from this beach only at the individual parts of it because the ferocity of this beach waves are furious that only a highly professional surfer can handle. You can find several convent spots for surfing with a slight wave at the Hana highway island.