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The Ocean In Motion: Tides

The Ocean In Motion: Tides And Waves

The ocean is said to be in motion if it is experiencing high tide or currents. Before entering the sea, however, it is better to read the signboard. It has information about the currents in the ocean. Never pass by without seeing the sign. It can be risky. Its almost a situation of life and death if the waves are on the high tide. Moreover, before entering the ocean, know the movement in it. For one’s safety, reading signboard is a must.

The Ocean In Motion: Tides And Waves
The Ocean In Motion: Tides And Waves

The Ocean In Motion

Ocean itself is a natural water body that is immeasurable. The ocean is the source of food for many. Earlier, people believed that the sea was still without any motion. In 1920 scientists started mapping the beach using various devices. Through sound waves, the depth of the ocean can be known. There are multiple movements in the sea, such as tides, streams, and ocean currents. Currents, waves, and tides are currents that derive the sea.

The Ocean In Motion: Currents

They can be of different types. Currents can be for a long time as well as for a short time. Ocean currents can cause due to various elements like the wind, the tides, and the water density. The rotation of the earth determines the ocean’s currents. Ocean current speed up or change direction due to the topography of the ocean surface. There are two types of ocean currents surface currents and deep ocean currents. It is seen the surface currents control the top surface of the ocean. The deeper currents control 90 percent of the deep sea. The wind and tide drive the surface current.


Tides are a form of movement that occurs in the ocean. The rise and fall of the water of the sea in every 24 hours is a tide. When the water reaches the highest level, it is the high tide. The low tide occurs when the ocean water reaches to the lowest level. The gravitational force of the moon on the earth’s surface causes the tides. When the moon revolves around the planet, it exerts gravitational force or a pull. This, on the contrary, affects the water in the ocean. Hence, it causes tides. When the moon reaches the highest point in the sky, the sea is said to be at high tide and when the moon moves westward, the low tide starts. The water in the ocean reaches the lowest level when the moon sets down.

Sea Waves

The sea waves are the movement of water in the sea. As the seawater goes up and down, it causes ripples in the sea. The higher the action, the higher the wave is. When the wind causes friction on the water, the tides occur. The waves travel in a group and can go to larger. The different waves move at a different speed. Hence, the length of the waves is also different.

The Ocean In Motion: Tides And Waves
The Ocean In Motion: Tides And Waves


The motion in the ocean is always occurring. The sea is never still. Its always moving to and fro. The ocean currents, waves, and tides cause the sea to move.

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