The Professional Surfers By Brandon Webb

A person carrying a surf board on a body of water

The Professional Surfers is a new book written by Brandon Webb, an attorney who specializes in intellectual property and litigation. I’m not sure what it’s about, but it does contain some interesting concepts.

In his book, Brandon Webb talks about different aspects of pro surfing. There are chapters on professionalism, ethics, and what it takes to be a professional surfer. Each chapter is broken down into a number of smaller categories, making it easy to read the entire book without getting bogged down with too much information.

What Does The Book The Professional Surfers Teaches Us

For example, “Bryan” starts the book off with a review of Professional Surfing: What it Takes by Shane McAnulty. It’s a great book and one that I always recommend. It gives a clear explanation of the many facets of pro surfing. That being said, Webb doesn’t get into all the nuances of that discussion.

The Professional Surfers By Brandon Webb
The Professional Surfers By Brandon Webb

Webb does talk about one aspect of this training that doesn’t receive enough attention. He explains how exactly to train for white water and how exactly to prepare for the big stuff.

When you’re in the water, your body and mind can be put under so much stress that there’s no telling when you might slip and fall. This is why many people consider it best to ride boards when they’re young. It’s important to have the correct body structure when you’re learning how to surf because as you get older, your body’s ability to absorb shocks may decrease.

The Professional Surfers Talks About Professionalism And Ethics

Throughout the book, Brandon Webb talks about professionalism and ethics, as these are two factors that will always exist in professional surfing. Webb also touches on what it takes to be a professional surfer. There’s much more that goes into becoming a professional surfer than just riding surfboard. You have to do a lot of homework and prep, and practice every day.

Overall, I liked the book. I think that Webb did a great job of introducing the subject. He discusses the negative as well as the positive aspects of professional surfing. If you are a pro surfer, I highly recommend this book.

It was fairly easy to find this book online, as I did an internet search and came up with the author’s name. Other reviews for this book were quite positive, which means that the book should be good. I also read other reviews, which were mixed, but all good.

The Professional Surfers By Brandon Webb
The Professional Surfers By Brandon Webb

Know Some Interesting Facts

I’ll conclude with this: If you’re into surfing, or if you are a pro surfer, I highly recommend that you read The Professional Surfers. You will likely learn a lot from it. However, I will warn you that there’s a lot of surfing and body image information here.

As a final note, I will mention that the author’s brother, Bryan, is an incredible surfer who is currently working for ESPN. Webb claims that he first got the idea for this book after seeing some of Bryan’s surfing videos online.

In his foreword, Webb says that he is grateful for the opportunity to write this book, and I believe him. You won’t find a better guide on the market today, but I will say that I will be looking for other books from Brandon Webb. It’s not like he wrote this book just to cash in on it.

Bottom Line

When it comes to surfing, he spent a great deal of time researching and writing this book. The Professional Surfers does a good job explaining what it takes to be a pro surfer, and Webb does a good job describing it.

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