Paddling Out Like Pro Surfing

Tips For Paddling Out Like Pro When Surfing

Efficient surfing is equal to proficient paddling. Both go hand-in-hand, and a slight inefficiency can ruin the great experience of paddling out of surfing. Therefore, whenever you start surfing as a hobby, make sure you have mastered this technique first. 

Good Surfing Session Is The Result Of Expert Paddling Out

If you really want to enjoy your surfing session and make most out of it, then efficiently paddling out is a must. Inefficiently Paddling out will lead to getting tired quickly, ultimately failing to catch the waves. Therefore, if you have been facing the same issue of inefficient paddling, then this article will tell you a few pro tips. 

Tips For Paddling Out Like Pro When Surfing
Tips For Paddling Out Like Pro When Surfing

1. Byheart The Fundamental Rule Of Paddling Out

Like any other science formula, paddling out also has its own formula. It states that the best technique is equal to the maximum thrust and minimum resistance altogether. 

Effortless paddling out = Minimum resistance + maximum thrust

The resistance denotes the drag, and thrust denotes moving forward without much effort with the surfboard towards the waves. 

2. Find The Optimal Position To Know The Sweet Spot

Surfing is all about balancing your weight on the surfboard. Now, the spot where you balance your body weight is called a sweet spot, and finding it soon is useful for reaching an optimal position while paddling out. Achieving an optimal position will minimize the drag and increase the propulsion. 

In addition, to reach the optimal position, your back arched and nose must be a bit out of the water. 

3. Never Allow Your Head To Tilt Down

When you have made a beautiful arch with your body, your head must be up in the air to balance. If you move your head, your body will try to compensate and hence, disturbing the balance while paddling out.

For better alignment, all you need to do is – keep back arched, head up, and perform short-range motions. 

4. Know The Wave Your Approaching

After understanding the fundamental formula of paddling out, here comes another trick to make your surfing a successful adventure. This trick states to follow the speed of waves you are approaching.

Once you have learned to depict the speed of waves, you will make most out of the surfing adventure. But, if you fail to do so, you will struggle a lot to catch the waves and get tired before even reaching the water waves. 

5. Paddling Out Efficiently Without Getting Tired

The efficient way of rowing with hands requires clean strokes and full body reach. You have to apply short strokes without splashing the water. Your arms should be stiff and flat throughout the surfing.

Note: Avoid moving both arms at the same time!

Tips For Paddling Out Like Pro When Surfing
Tips For Paddling Out Like Pro When Surfing

6. Avoid Common Mistakes As Made By Others 

Mistakes are inbuilt in human nature and unavoidable. However, you can at least learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them. A few mistakes to avoid are : 

  • Putting hands in a cupped position
  • Moving both the arms at the same time
  • Covering a small area with hands
  • Not keeping head and nose above the water
  • Spreading legs while balancing themselves on water. 


Paddling out in surfing is the basic thing to learn which most people tend to neglect. It is necessary to master it first before riding the huge waves.

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