Top 6 Cheap But Must Have Surf Gears For 2020

Cheap Surfing Gear

The watersport surfing seemingly has the need for only one equipment, known as the surf-board. But, there are multitudes of cheap surf gear that give you the perfect surfing experience against the waves of the ocean or on the beach. These innocuous little but essential accessories are nowhere near you when you could use it the most. So, I have made a list of the cheap but necessary surf gear that you must have on you, preferably while surfing!

Two Most Essential Surfing Equipment

A man riding a wave on a surfboard in the ocean

I have broken the list of necessities down into three parts for the clarity you may need due to the abundance of water gear in the current market.

Fins and FinPullers: Surfers but mostly beginners seem to not realize the importance of extra fins and FinPullers. A firm set of fins can provide you with both flexibility and stability. In the recent market, the FCS Mick Fanning MF1 is very popular that can be a great asset to you. Along with the fins, the FinPullers are an essential, compact and small tool for your fin boxes and hands. These work with any kinds of fin system. So, not to worry!

Earplugs: Earplugs are the most important sports equipment to exist and known to any enthusiastic surfer. The cold water that can give you “Surfer’s Ear” which can be prevented by a set of solid earplugs. Right now, you can use SurfEars 2.0 or Doc’s Pro Plug to keep your ear canals safe as both sets of plugs are durable and wide.

Next Two Surfing Gear To Save You From Trouble

A man riding a wave on a surfboard in the ocean

These next two surfing equipment seem unnecessary but usually can be of great use if you are a regular surfer.

RinseKit POD: The perfect cold water shower for the surf sessions. You can have a steady and sated four minutes of good water pressure and a good shower.

Changing Mat: Instead of changing in the dirty places after surfing, you can use these to stay clean. Currently, in the market, Ho Stevie Wetsuit Changing Mat is a changing bag that’s inexpensive, durable and for any types of surfaces from grainy sand to concrete.

And Last But Not The Least Items

These surfing items are cheap, easy to use and necessary after or before you go and have some fun while surfing.

Wetsuit Hanger: Keeping a clean wetsuit is a hard task. Therefore, hangers such as The HangAir Wetsuit Dryer are for lack of a better word revolutionary sports equipment. The hanger has a portable and waterproof fan that can dry the dirt and the salt.

Tide Watch: One of the most important surfing equipment is tide watches that helps you keep up with the sea matrices and it also provides you with Wi-fi and GPS as advancements are made rapidly. Rip Curl Rifles are one such valuable item with five hundred pre-programmed beaches, the waveform- graphs styles and other various programs.


There are also Surf watches, Sunscreens, Waterproof backpacks among other top surfing gear. These are the best and most essential surfing gear that I find are necessary to have a good surfing experience. Whether it’s for you or a gift for your surfer friend, you can never go wrong with any of these.

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