Nose Clips for Surfers

Have you ever experienced a stream of water go up to your nostrils as you fall down from your surfboard? The pain is one-of-a-kind and it will make you very uncomfortable. Thankfully, there is a simple solution for that problem – nose clips for surfers! The ones included in this list are guaranteed to stay on despite the harsh waves. They’re very comfortable to use and won’t be distracting at all. They’ll also do a great job of preventing water from entering your sinus. Here are the top best and most comfortable nose clips for surfers.

Nose Clips Sinus Saver Water Sports Nose Plugs

This is one of the most comfortable nose plugs in the market. These do not follow the traditional design of nose clips that are placed over the bridge of your nose. You actually use these as plugs inside your nostrils. The snug fit makes it more effective in keeping out the water from your nose. This also ensures that they do not fall out despite rigorous surfing activities.

They are very comfortable because the material used is medical grade silicone. This is very soft and absolutely safe to use.

Speedo Competition Nose Clip – Unisex Nose Clip – One Size Charcoal (2-Pack)

This is a crowd favorite because it provides a professional experience at an affordable rate. These are made of stainless steel that is resistant to rust, stains, and other corrosives. The ends are coated with rubber to make it comfortable to wear. Go for these nose clips if you want something that is low-profile yet extremely effective. A lot of professional swimmers actually prefer this brand. If this is approved by professionals, then it is a sign that you should try this out.

FINIS Nose Clip

This is one of the most comfortable nose clips in the market. They’re designed to be barely noticeable so that you won’t be distracted from surfing. Try their company for very affordable yet effective products. These clips follow a strict anatomic design so that it seamlessly fits over your nose bridge. As a bonus, this even comes with a carrying case for proper portability and convenient storage.

This is equipped with a nylon design so that it does not slip despite rigorous surfing. A lot of users commend this product for its effectivity. They say that this can keep at least ninety-eight percent of the water out. If you pressurize your nostrils before you apply it, then they’re even more effective. This one comes in a clear material that is barely noticeable while you’re surfing.

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