What Do Professional Surfers Wear?

What Do Professional Surfers Wear?

One of the most commonly seen features of professional surfers is their signature black boots. Of course, with most people in this industry, we see that it is more than just a matter of color and that it really brings out the best in the person wearing them.

Let’s first look at what professional surfers wear when they go surfing. These men usually have very good looking dark suits. Some of them even have sport coats and ties to add more color.

They are also a lot more casual than a professional surfer. The entire group of professional surfers has a more laid back feel about them. For example, many of them don’t wear sunglasses for the entire day because they don’t see why they need to.

Another important piece of clothing for them is the custom made wetsuit. The water is colder for them than it is for a normal surfer. The water helps keep them in the appropriate body temperature that they need to perform well in their craft.

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What Do Professional Surfers Wear?
What Do Professional Surfers Wear?

The wetsuit has become a fashion statement among professional surfers. It is an extremely hot item though. They generally don’t want to go to the beach without their wetsuit on.

They try out a new wetsuit for every summer season and try to get it tailored so that it fits them perfectly. If you’ve ever seen these professional surfers at the beach, you know that they are all sporting their new custom designed wetsuits.

While most of us associate their uniforms with high tech, the truth is that they were actually developed quite a long time ago. Professional surfers do have very strict rules when it comes to the construction of their wetsuits. Most of them are made from fibers that have no stretch in them.

Not only does this help them to stay comfortable when surfing, but it also protects them from getting damaged when they fall off. They also often use materials that are UV resistant in order to protect themselves from the sun. This is something that the Surfrider Foundation wants to encourage its participants as well.

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The color of their wetsuits has also become a part of their uniform for professional surfers. The classic black or gray suit is still a staple. There are also other colors that are used, including yellows, purples, and many others.

As a matter of fact, if you looked at some of the photos that you’d see on the websites for professional surfers, you would see them wearing these colors quite often. The main reason for this is that it is less expensive to purchase a new suit in one of these colors than it is to get a new uniform in one of the other styles.

What Do Professional Surfers Wear?
What Do Professional Surfers Wear?

Of course, there are many different ways that professional surfer wears their wetsuits. Some of them may have them on their heads, while others will wear them under their suits. Some of them may even wear wetsuits while they are riding their boards.

The styles of wetsuits used by the professional surfer that you see at the beach are almost always black. They are comfortable and look great on anyone.

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