What is the Difference Between a Wetsuit and Drysuit?


If you are an adventure sport lover, then scuba diving must be in your bucket list. The exposure suits are a must for safe scuba diving. These suits allow your body to maintain the temperature. When you go to the underwater, your body starts to lose the temperature very quickly. The wetsuit and drysuit help to slow down the heat loss. This is the reason that wearing an exposure suit, wetsuit, and drysuit is a must for this adventure game.  

What is the Difference Between a Wetsuit and Drysuit?
What is the Difference Between a Wetsuit and Drysuit?

So, now you know that there are two types of wetsuits are available; Wetsuit and Drysuit. Both kinds of suits are made for the same purpose, but still, they are different. So it’s evident for both divers and non-divers to ask what the difference is between a wetsuit and drysuit. Well, the answer to this question hides in the name of the suits only. The drysuit keeps you dry, whereas the wetsuit doesn’t do it. This is just a fundamental difference between both of the outfits, read on to get the definite difference between a wetsuit and drysuit.

What is the Difference Between a Wetsuit and Drysuit?
What is the Difference Between a Wetsuit and Drysuit?

Difference Wetsuit And Drysuit

Let’s have a closer look at the main differences between the wetsuit and drysuit and then decide which suit is best for you and fulfill your needs. 

What is a Wetsuit?

A wetsuit offers you thermal protection when you go for scuba diving underwater. These suits are made with the material that has closed cells. The suit has thousands of tiny, tiny bubbles. When you enter the water, the water starts to fill these bubbles, and the temperature of your body begins to increase in water. When you go for a wetsuit, it should be properly fit on your body. A loose-fitting suit will let water flow in, and your body will end up wasting more energy to heat your body according to the temperature of the water.

What is Drysuit?

Drysuits are made from heavy-duty nylon or crushed neoprene or other similar material. The drysuits make sure that water doesn’t enter your body, and it remains dry. Unlike a wetsuit, drysuit can be loose too. You can wear clothes under the drysuit. The suit keeps your body warm with the help of a layer of air that is insulated between your body and outfit. If you are planning for scuba diving in a dry suit, then you would need more training then to do the scuba in a wetsuit.

The Conclusion

To make your body warm, the wetsuits have a layer of water, whereas the drysuits have a layer of air. In both types of suits, water could not enter your body, but as water conducts heat over 20 times faster than air, so the drysuit keeps you warmer for a longer time in the water.  

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