What You Need To Know About The Danger Of Surfing

What You Need To Know About The Danger Of Surfing

What is the danger of surfing that we should know? Why is surfing one of the safest activities on earth? The answer has many facets, but perhaps the most important one is that it requires very little equipment. There are no sharks to worry about, no hook and line, just a good set of protective clothing and a pair of shoes with good traction.

However, the danger in surfing lies in the amount of power that is present when the surfer makes a flip. People can become unconscious or even get seriously injured when they fall off a surfboard.

Danger Of Surfing That We Should Be Aware Of

Not only do you need a good surfboard to help you surf but also proper protective clothing. Wearing the correct clothing allows the body to receive the correct amount of shock. It is not too hard to figure out how much shock an object receives when the body is at rest. If you have been working out for some time, then you may be able to get away with wearing shorts, while someone who is a beginner to surfing may want to wear a short-sleeved shirt.

What You Need to Know About the Danger in Surfing
What You Need To Know About The Danger Of Surfing

Tights or neoprene absorb some of the shocks and should be worn by anyone who is using the board. The shape of the board, the wave, and the direction the surf takes can affect how a person’s body will react. Although a surfboard looks like a big ball, it is a series of small air pockets between the material that is foam.

A great majority of people who wear shorts and tights do so to keep their feet warm while surfing or because they are trying to hide the fact that they have on a dress while at the beach. It will not happen with a surfboard, because the material of the board itself is not warm, nor is it cool.

Heat Is Included In Danger of Surfing

Heat is something that a person does not want to have to deal with while surfing. While the water temperature is in the low 80s, the air temperature is still near 100 degrees. An individual who wants to avoid the danger of heatstroke will not want to be wearing any clothes that are too tight, as this would cause the skin to sweat excessively.

Wet and muddy surfboards will also reduce the effectiveness of any kind of cloth when it comes to reducing the heat generated from the surface of the water. Wearing cotton tights with waterproof material will help to prevent a person from catching a chill in the hot surf.

Clothing will not necessarily go as far back as the years, and the wind chill factor can make a difference in how a person feels after being out in the sun for an extended period. Certain types of clothing that are a bit thicker will help a person feel cooler, but it will not prevent him from feeling like he is getting worse sunburns.

What You Need To Know About The Danger Of Surfing
What You Need To Know About The Danger Of Surfing

Lightweight Clothing To Absorb The Shock

Remember that when you are on a surfboard, you are in lightweight clothing that is designed to absorb the shock generated by the wave. Heavy clothing can make the body feel uncomfortable, which can worsen a surfer’s breathing problems. Lightweight clothing can help people feel more comfortable and will make it easier for them to maintain their balance while surfing.

For long periods, people can easily get rid of the pain in their feet, ankles, and knees by wearing a pair of mitts, especially one made of neoprene. Wearing a helmet with a visor will protect the eyes from the sun and from UV rays that can cause permanent damage to the delicate tissue in the eye.

Surfers also do not want to leave sand on their clothing, which can be very frustrating. The best way to fight this is to avoid leaving sand on the sandals and boots of a surfer. To protect their feet from drying out in the sun, surfers should invest in a pair of socks that can withstand the heat.

Bottom Line

No matter what type of clothing a person is wearing, the danger in surfing lies in not putting on the proper safety equipment and falling off of a surfboard. The best way to avoid the danger of surfing is to wear a pair of shorts, a pair of tights, and a pair of neoprene gloves.

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