Where to Surf in Mexico

Mexico Surfing Spots

If you’re looking for Mexico surfing spots, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Mexico has been a surfing hot spot since the early days of the sport and is still known for its exciting surf breaks.

Mexico, formally the Republic of Mexico, is actually a part of South America. It’s bordered on the west by the United States; to the north by Central America; to the south by the Pacific Ocean; south to the southwest and east by Guatemala, Belize, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Best Mexico Surfing Spots

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Of the three coasts, the Pacific coast is where you’ll find the best Mexico surfing spots, with most surf breaks located in Mexico’s western states. Many beaches along the West Coast feature some of the best waves on Earth, and surfing can be seen year round from January to March. On the Eastern coast, Mexico surfing spots are abundant, but the surf breaks are usually located in the Gulf of Mexico or along the Pacific coast.

The surf breaks in Mexico can get pretty choppy during the winter months, especially when the surf is down a little bit. That’s why most surfers head out to Mexico’s Gulf Coast during the months of January and February when the water temperatures are relatively cold. The cool water will also help to keep the surf clean, which will make for great surfing. But if you’re looking for a bit of a break or to get a better edge on the competition, head out to Mexico’s Eastern coast for some great surfing during the month of March and April.

Visiting In the Off Season

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In addition to those two months, many surf breaks along Mexico’s Atlantic coast are also open during the year, with a few surf breaks becoming available in the summer months. In fact, many surf breaks along the West Coast also become open and allow surfers to visit each other in the off-season.

Surf breaks in Mexico aren’t just limited to surfing, though. You can also find surf lessons, surfing camps, sailing lessons, kiteboarding lessons, and boating trips. in Mexico as well.

There are plenty of surfing spots to explore with the right surf lessons, so you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by surfing alone. There are many surf schools in Mexico that provide instruction in surfing techniques as well as classes in sailing and boating. These lessons are offered throughout the year, so no matter what your skill level, you’ll always have an option for a surf lesson in Mexico. The best thing about these lessons is that you’ll learn from experts, so you can get the knowledge you need to compete in the water.

Plenty Of Beaches

As for surfing, there are also plenty of beaches to surf around Mexico that offer surf lessons. The beach resorts near the Riviera Nayarit offer surf lessons, so you can learn to surf off the shore in Mexico, and many beach resorts near the Playa del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta offer a surfing vacation, too.

If you prefer to get to know other surfers on a more intimate level in Mexico, there are a few surf breaks in Mexico that host live shows. You can visit these shows and hang out with the pros for some great surfing. These shows usually start out with a warm-up session, and you’ll usually get to go surfing as soon as you arrive. And with the shows coming up all the time, it’s a great way to make new friends and learn about the sport of surfing from experts in the industry.

Adventure Sports

Mexico’s beaches also offer a lot of adventure sports as well as a way to relax while you’re in Mexico. For example, the Playa del Carmen is home to a number of water parks. Many water parks in Mexico are designed to help kids and adults enjoy the excitement of water sports without having to worry about the dangers of being in the ocean or dealing with sharks. If you’ve never been to a water park before, you can learn how to kayak, swim, snorkel, or scuba dive in Mexico, so you can do everything you like while you’re in Mexico.

Another great way to get a great workout in Mexico is to hike or bike through the many trails that are available for hikers and bikers. The trails in Mexico are perfect for walking and hiking with the whole family.

Final Verdict

Even though hiking and biking are two different sports, you’ll be able to do them together, so you can spend a long, hot, relaxing day together. So no matter your skill level, Mexico has plenty of surfing spots to get in shape, too.

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