Which Gopro Accessories For Surfing Is The Best

best gopro accessories for surfing

This is important to surfers who are constantly out on the water. There are many other accessories that can help with your photography, but these two are very important for those who want to get as much footage as possible. With a camera harness you can secure your camera safely while you are surfing without it falling off.

Hands Free Head Mount

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Another important accessory for surfers is hands free head mount. This allows you to surf without having to hold your surfboard. While this might seem like a simple thing to do you can actually lose control of your camera and lose a lot of footage if you don’t use a hands free head mount. This type of accessory is available in many different forms and styles.

A great piece of equipment that allows you to get the most out of your experience while out on the water is a floaty foot hitch. These pieces of equipment to attach to your board so that you can attach a lightweight float to the bottom of your surfboard for added stability. Floaties will also keep your foot from slipping out of the surfboard. However, not all floating work the same so here are some things to consider when shopping for a flat foot hitch. One thing to note about the floppies that work with your camera is how adjustable they are.

Handheld Mount

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When it comes to choosing the best accessories for surfing a handheld mount will come highly recommended. A handheld mount is used when you are going to be on land. You can clip the handheld mount onto the paddle of your board or on your ankle. It is a great way to get more mobility when you are surfing without adding anything too bulky to your equipment.

Gore Tex And Neoprene Gore Tex

For those serious surfers looking for a little more advanced and waterproof material, there is a Gore tex and Neoprene gore tex. The gore tex is used specifically for surfing and provides a very durable and waterproof material. There are also dome-port foam boards which are similar but provide a much smaller amount of coverage. A small foam wedge is also included with the handheld mount.

For some surfers the only option for them is to have a hand held mount. If you want to capture your entire surfing footage and you don’t mind carrying around a heavy box then this is a great choice. However, if you plan on using the camera for other purposes than surfing you should consider a handheld mount that allows you to tilt the camera upwards and down. This allows you to pan the camera through the water and save a lot of space.

Bottom Li

In summary, the best gopro accessories are those that enhance your experience, allow you to capture excellent footage, and protect your investment. Remember to get more accessories as you become more knowledgeable about surfing. Don’t limit yourself to just the two basic pieces of equipment. Purchasing other accessories such as a carrying case or a tripod could also help to improve your footage. Good luck with your surfing.

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