Which Planets Do Space Scientists Love Most and Least?

The Space missions were started in the late 1960s when the means were limits, and science knowledge was not enhanced. Thanks to the curiosity of the Space scientists and space programs, we paid a visit to each planet in the Solar system.

The neighboring planets of Earth are Venus and Mars, and they have been visited the most by the scientists. The game-changing discovery was when scientists saw that Mars had water on the planet. It led to the increased visit to Mars than Venus or any other planets.

Several space crafts and Mars Rovers have been launch to Mars to study the geography and rocks on the planet. Many ships are orbiting around Mars to detect the life source on the earth.

On the other hand, the temperature and the environment in Venus are not attracted by the Space scientist as it was earlier. The scientists have said that Venus is the evil twin of Earth. As the temperatures are scorching and it filled the atmosphere with Carbon Dioxide. However, if we don’t learn the lesson from the planet soon, we will soon be extinct and will be dead like Venus.

Which Planets Do Space Scientists Love Most and Least?

Favourite Planets In The Space

Meanwhile, scientists have shown some interest in the planet Mercury. It is very far away from Earth and very near to the Sun. Some notable scientists say that the spacecraft sent to Mercury needs to be slow down to an extent so that it does not enter the Sun. Getting into Mercury’s orbit is very difficult as the notes by the rocket scientists.

In recent studies, the outer planets of the Solar System like Jupiter and Saturn have gained much interest. It appears that the moons of these planets harbor and create subsurface for oceans. These planets are perfect candidates to host life in the world. There are rumors about the space mission called JUICE (Jupiter Icy moons Explorer), which is not approved yet. The programs aim to launch spacecraft to Jupiter and Saturn’s orbit and look for clues of life on the planet, although the program will be launch till 2022.

Which Planets Do Space Scientists Love Most and Least?
Which Planets Do Space Scientists Love Most and Least?

The other planets in the Solar System may be challenging to reach, but scientists are trying hard to study all the planets in the system. They want to understand the origin of life in the Solar system and which planets are capable of holding life and existence. The exciting part of the studies by NASA scientists shows that they need to explore our Solar system in detail. It is taking time because of the limited means and incomplete knowledge of the Universe.

But the decades of data and space exploration have shown that sometimes life existed in these planets. And it is the reason, space and rocket scientists are working very hard to pay attention to all the planets in the Solar System. Meanwhile, we can assume that since Mars is the closest to Earth. More interest has the red planet. But efforts are taken to explore other worlds in the system.

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