Windsurf Sea Trials: World Sailing

Windsurf Sea Trials: World sailing Concludes Paris 2024

Windsurfing is a variety of water sport that includes elements of Surfing and Sailing. The game consists of a board in between two to 2.5meters (6ft 7inches to 8ft 2inches) long. It has the displacement typically between 45 and 150 liters, powered by wind on a sail. Moreover, In these cases, a free rotating joint is attached to the board to connect it with the rig. It is made up of sail, mast, and boom. Windsurf sea trials are yet another way of windsurfing in the waters.

The sail area depends typically on certain conditions. The windsurfer must have all the skills to be a sailor.

Windsurf Sea Trials: World Sailing Paris 2024
Windsurf Sea Trials: World Sailing Paris 2024

Windsurf Sea Trials: Factors Of Windsurfing

 It includes the ability of the sailor, the varieties of windsurfing being done, and the weight of the person windsurfing, etc.. S. Newman Darby is the master of origin of this very sport in the years of 1964.

Windsurfing undertakes on non-competitive basis. The sports include an in the Olympics. Organized competition on this sport does take place at all levels across the globe. The format of this game consists of many variations. Now we are going to witness the recent and much-highlighted events of windsurfing. The government body has created a much practical evaluation working party for the sport of sailing. They have observed and tested the very performance of Windsurfing classes and equipment.

Ten male and windsurfing champions have been selected to taste the base. They have put in a specific board range. This measures between 5 and 25 knots of wind. They have tested on Formula Foil, Glide, iFoil, RS: X, and Windfoil 1.

The Circolo Surf Torbole has organized all the trials. The feedback received then after was undoubtedly shared with the ten world sailing representatives.

Windsurf Sea Trials: World Sailing Paris 2024
Windsurf Sea Trials: World Sailing Paris 2024

A Decision In November

The evaluation working for a party on Paris 2024 windsurfs also receiving additional information on equipment cost, gear availability, the quality of the gear available. Thereby checking the variety that will suit the format of the multiple competitions.


The evaluation panel will issue a report on the experience, and then they will make a recommendation based on the best options for Paris 2024. World Sailing Equipment Committee will then review the data provided, and they will make a short program to verify with their source. After analyzing the suggestions from the evaluation panel, the world sailing equipment committee will make the final proposal. A voting process will take place in November by the council for the approval of the project.

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